Wilsons of Westray

Cheese, yoghurt and dairy products

We are a small independent dairy on Westray, 'Queen of the Isles".

We make Westray Wife: a washed-rind matured cheese, Noltland Castle: a fresh creamy cheese now available as a small cloth-hung round of cheese, the “cannonball” and our newest product is Natural Yoghurt: we add nothing but a bit of culture. We have our own little herd of Ayrshire cows - the milk is naturally thick and very creamy.

We farm organically and are certified with Demeter for our land, animals and milk.  Our farm is in a unique location, being next door to the amazing archaeological dig 'Links of Noltland' - which is where the 5000 year old Venus figurine our cheese is named after was found in 2009.

And we are opposite the 16th century Noltland Castle, which is what our fresh cheese is named for. We love where we live.

Lots of good food coming out of Westray - Pierowall Fish, Westray Chutney, Westray Processors (crab), Westray Bakehouse - it's a good place to be.


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