Focus on Orkney Craft Vinegar

June 1st 2018

One of our newest members, Orkney Craft Vinegar, is the latest subject of's Business Focus feature.

The business was launched by Sam Britten and Keith Harrison last year, drawing on Sam's previous employment as a chef and as a miller at Barony Mills in Birsay.

With craft beer, gin and other artisan foods becoming increasingly popular, the duo saw a gap in the vinegar market and decided to put their skills to the test. The aim was to encourage customers and chefs in the UK to take advantage of local products rather than importing vinegars and citrus fruits for seasoning from the continent.

Orkney Craft Vinegar Orkney Craft Vinegar

They quickly developed two vinegars, each with their own special attributes. Bere Malt vinegar is matured in oak barrels for up to a year to give it its deep flavour, and is created using bere barley, an ancient Orcadian grain. 

Meanwhile the Honey and Meadowsweet version is floral and light, using pure honey, Orcadian spring water and locally-picked meadowsweet. Both vinegars are proving popular with customers and clients around the world, with sales extending as far as the United States and South Africa. There are already plans in place to expand the range too.

Find out more about Orkney Craft Vinegar via the feature, and from our own dedicated page.

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