Orkney Distilling Limited

Orkney's Kirkwall-based craft gin distillers

Orkney Distilling Ltd launched its artisan Kirkjuvagr Gin in August 2016, with the first batches on sale exclusively in Orkney. Distribution to the rest of the UK is expected to begin in September, along with online sales.

Kirkjuvagr is being hailed as “unmistakably Orcadian” in character, with its branding and marketing drawing on strong Norse and seafaring themes. It will also very much be a drink for the modern, discerning gin enthusiast. The company has been working closely with the Agronomy Institute at University of the Highlands and Islands in Kirkwall to identify a local blend of ingredients for the new gin.

The new Kirkjuvagr Gin - launched in Orkney during August 2016 The new Kirkjuvagr Gin - launched in Orkney during August 2016

Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin will initially be crafted on mainland Scotland using the same process Orkney Distilling Ltd will employ when production moves to its new distillery, based in the heart of Kirkwall. Planning permission has been granted for the development, which will also include a visitor centre and shop. Work on the project will begin in the autumn with an official opening planned for spring 2017.


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