Orkney Buffalo

Tasty, tender, distinct meat from our family farm on Stronsay. Orkney Food & Drink Awards 2014 WINNER - Best New Product

In 2018 we moved from our farm at Schoolhouse in Deerness, which we had owned since 2013, and set up home at Kirbuster in Stronsay where we remain the most northerly buffalo meat producers in the UK.

Demand for our buffalo meat continues to grow and it now appears on menus throughout Orkney and beyond. We also sell our meat at a number of shops across Orkney.

Lean, healthy and tasty, buffalo meat resembles high quality beef but is much lower in cholesterol, with a greater content of Omega 3 fatty acids and minerals. A little richer and sweeter than beef, buffalo can be used in exactly the same way to make fantastic tasting mince, sausages, burgers, and stews. The steaks are also particularly good. The possibilities for this versatile meat are endless!

Although they remain a somewhat unusual sight in the Orkney landscape, the Asian water buffalo we farm at Kirbister are highly domesticated animals, governed by standard cattle regulations. Needless to say, we always adhere to the highest animal welfare and husbandry standards.

Please visit our website to find out more about Orkney Buffalo and life on Kirbuster Farm. You’ll also find recipes for buffalo meat on there and links to our Twitter and Facebook pages and our farm Blog.

At the 2014 Highlands & Islands Food Awards, Orkney Buffalo was shorlisted for an award in the category for New Business.



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