Cameron ready to cook up a storm in the kitchen

It's time to meet and greet the latest entrant for the Orkney Celebrity Master Chef competition.

Local BBC Orkney presenter Cameron Stout will be taking to the stage at the Orkney Theatre on October 2, hoping to impress the panel of judges with his Master Chef creations. 

Cameron is certainly a well-known face in Orkney and further afield, thanks to his winning appearance on Big Brother back in 2003. He also previously worked in Orkney's salmon industry, so we can expect to see plenty of delicious seafood on his menu at the event. 

But how will he handle having attention focused on his cooking skills on the night? We've been hearing how he's been preparing.

What’s your Master Chef menu? I'm still 'planning' that just now. Given my background, I would think fish or seafood will be making an appearance. 

Why did you decide to enter? When it comes to food I usually struggle to say no, but I don't think I thought this one through properly!

How are you preparing for it? Mainly by eating. And giving some thought to the local produce that will be suitable around the start of October. But yes, mainly by eating. 

How experienced in the kitchen are you? I'm much more experienced at the sink than I am at the cooker. I can scrub a mean pot - and I'm not even joking. Having said that, when I do cook, I really enjoy it. Getting all the elements ready at the same time is probably something I should aim to get some more experience at before the night.

What’s your all-time favourite dish to make? The oven is a great ally when I cook, so most things that I can put in the oven suit me pretty well. One of my favourites is an Orkney beef casserole with tomatoes, paprika and loads of cinnamon. It's not that bonny but it's heck o' a tasty! I also enjoy a good gratin dauphinois, but it's a bit footery to make. 

Any favourite ingredients to work with? My mother has an intolerance to them and a pal of mine refers to them as 'slugs', but I am a huge fan of mushrooms. I would probably include them in just about every savoury dish, whether they are in the recipe or not. Having said that, I don't think they'll be featuring in my menu for the event. Something else I certainly won't be using is celery. Giddy gaad!

What’s your guilty pleasure, food and drink-wise? Over-indulging, without a doubt. I'm not averse to a chunk of chocolate, but my real weakness is savoury stuff. Prawns in a roll, toast and cheese, oatcakes and mushroom pate. And crisps! Nearly anything at all that is tasty and in the fridge is fair game. You're making me hungry now!

Any kitchen disasters over the years? When I was flitting to Harray, me and my dad were at the house preparing the woodwork and getting things ready to move in. It was a new kitchen with new appliances and the first thing we managed to cook was the handle for the grill pan. 

What’s your secret kitchen talent? The lasagne toastie. Try it - you know you want to!

Orkney Celebrity Master Chef 2019, sponsored by NorthLink Ferries and Jewson, will be held in the Orkney Theatre on October 2. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased from any of the three Argo's outlets in Stromness and Kirkwall. Tickets are £10 each, which includes a glass of wine, and are individually numbered, so remember to book early. You can also reserve tickets by emailing or calling 01856 761 430.

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