Delicious new combination attracts customers

An innovative new product from two Orkney Food and Drink companies has been launched, combining the delicious flavours of fresh local salmon and gin.

Jollys of Orkney and Orkney Distilling Ltd have joined forces to create Kirkjuvagr Gin & Orange Smoked Salmon, and the range is already proving popular with customers.

The product was unveiled earlier this month at Scotland’s Speciality Food Show in Glasgow following taste tests held in Orkney, with sliced packs and full sides of salmon now available to buy locally and online.

The new Kirkjuvagr Gin and Orange Smoked Salmon went down a storm at the trade show in Glasgow The new Kirkjuvagr Gin and Orange Smoked Salmon went down a storm at the trade show in Glasgow

The idea came from owner of Jollys of Orkney, George Stout. ‘We’re always looking to do something different with new flavours and, with both ourselves and Orkney Distilling Ltd travelling to the trade show, we thought it would be a good idea to try and bring the two products together,’ said George.

The Kirkjuvagr Gin link-up is just the latest collaboration for Jollys, which is always on the lookout for new ways to attract interest and new customers.

‘The gin is such a quality product and it seemed like an obvious choice. We knew from the taste tests that something needed to be added and the orange was the perfect ingredient,’ said George. ‘The flavour is absolutely delicious and it’s just something different for people to try. We had a great response in Glasgow and customers are already responding well to it.’

It’s the first combination with another local producer for Orkney Distilling Ltd, which launched its Kirkjuvagr Gin last year and hopes to open its new distillery in the centre of Kirkwall later this summer.

‘We’re delighted to have been able to work with Jollys of Orkney to help create the new salmon range,’ said Managing Director, Stephen Kemp. ‘They are very particular about quality so we were confident our brands would work well together,’

The new salmon range is available now The new salmon range is available now

There are plans for more projects too, according to Stephen. ‘We’re working on a collaboration with another Orkney Food and Drink member at the moment, so hopefully we’ll be able to release details about that soon,’ he said.

The partnership approach also highlights the strength of the local food and drink sector, with companies keen to work together to promote Orkney products across the country and further afield.

‘These kinds of projects are very encouraging from an Orkney Food and Drink point of view,’ said the organisation’s Development Manager, Edgar Balfour. ‘Not only does it show that our producers are happy to join forces, it also showcases the creativity and innovation we have within the industry. We’re delighted to see a new product on local shelves and hopefully it will go from strength to strength.’

You can buy Kirkjuvagr Gin & Orange Smoked Salmon from Jollys of Orkney and The Brig Larder in Kirkwall. You can also order it online via the Jollys of Orkney website.

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