Exciting opportunity for Orkney producer

After a successful meeting of the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme Cereals Project at the Agronomy Institute of Orkney College UHI last week, support has been announced for an Orkney company to develop a cereal based product in the islands.

There is an opportunity for one Orkney enterprise to receive support with product development under the following terms:

  • The enterprise will send one person to participate in 2 project development workshops, each of 3 days duration,  given by Nofima in Ås (close to Oslo), Norway:

 - The first workshop will deal with product development and will be held from 8-10 March 2016

 - The second will deal with packaging, labelling and shelf-life and will be held at a similar time in 2017

    • The enterprise will carry out product development on a cereal-based food product with a significant content of Orkney-grown barley (including Bere), oats or wheat which can be used as grain, meal or flour within the product.
    • By the time of attending the first workshop, it is expected that the enterprise will already have started some in-house development of the product
    • There is no cost to the enterprise to participate in the product development course and a project grant is available to help meet some of the other costs (travel, accommodation and meals) which it will be the responsibility of the enterprise to meet. The project grant is for €500 for each workshop (i.e. a total of €1,000) but further assistance from Orkney Food and Drink may be available for members.

        How To Apply

        If your enterprise is interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please reply in writing before 20 November 2015 on enterprise-headed note paper, providing a short description of:

        • The type of product which you are most likely to consider developing
        • How the product will complement the existing range of products you make
        • The type of market the product will be aimed at
        • How the product or product development course will assist the development of your business

        In the event of more than one enterprise applying for this opportunity, preference will be given to the enterprise which is able to make the strongest case that their participation in the workshops will result in a long-term benefit. Applicant organisations should not have received more than €200,000 in state aid over the past 3 financial years and must not be “in difficulty” at the time of application.

        Your application should be sent to Dr Peter Martin either, by post to:

        Agronomy Institute,

        Orkney College (UHI),

        East Road,


        Orkney KW15 1LX

        Or, as an electronic attachment by email to:


        Nofima is a Norwegian food research institute which has world leading researchers and an international reputation in food product development.


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