Eviedale Bakehouse

High-end Artisan Sourdough Bread

Eviedale Bakehouse has been making high end artisan Sourdough bread using the best organic ingredients since our opening in 2017. Our Sourdough is created from our own sourdough culture, freshly hand shaped loaves made onsite and baked in our wood fired oven to give the best sourdough experience.

Sourdough bread is made from four simple ingredients; 100% organic flour, sea salt, purified water and our own unique sourdough culture. This fermented culture produces its own natural yeast giving our bread many health benefits as well that distinct sourdough taste. Every loaf is proved for 48 hours, then hand shaped and baked on the premises in our own ovens meaning that every batch is unique to Eviedale.

Eviedale Bakehouse is a member of the 'Real Bread' movement, promoting the health benefits of fresh, natural and organic Sourdough. Not only is it higher in protein that normal bread but it is much lower in sugar. By producing its own natural yeast the Sourdough is far more gentle on the gut and is therefore easier for the body to digest.


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