Deerness Distillery Limited

Craft Gin Distillers in Orkney's East Mainland

Deerness Distillery Ltd is a family run unique artisan craft gin and spirits distillery located in the beautiful parish of Deerness, Orkney.

The gin still is a traditional alembic copper pot still with a reflux column added to refine the process. Stuart and Adelle handcraft every batch using premium Orkney wild and grown botanicals where possible to produce a unique Orkney gin.

The Deerness Distillery logo and still The Deerness Distillery logo and still

The process begins with gently steeping hand-sorted botanicals overnight. It is then lovingly distilled in our copper pot still that is heated by flame. The process uses a one shot distillation method, giving the gin a full flavour. During the eight hours of careful monitoring and adjusting, only the heart of the run is collected for bottling.

Once cut with pure Orkney water the gin is rested for several days after which it is nosed, tasted, hand filled, corked, sealed and each bottle inspected and signed before it leaves the door to be enjoyed by our customers.

Construction work on the distillery began in the autumn of 2016 and the first spirits, 'Sea Glass Gin' and 'Into the Wild Vodka' were launched in May 2017. There are also plans in place for new and exciting products, including rum and liquers, in the future.


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