Deerness Distillery ready for launch day

May 19th 2017

The first handcrafted spirits from Orkney’s newest distillery will be launched this weekend.

The Deerness Distillery will begin selling its ‘Sea Glass Gin’ and ‘Into the Wild Vodka’ in Orkney and Aberdeen from Saturday 20th May.

Deerness Distillery website front page Deerness Distillery website front page

It’s hoped the bottles will soon be on sale across Scotland and online via the company’s new website, which will be launched soon.

The Deerness Distillery, founded by Stuart and Adelle Brown, is thought to be the first of its kind in Orkney since 1885. The new gin and vodka are the first in a range of products, with plans to introduce rum and new liqueurs in the future.

Sea Glass Gin from the Deerness Distillery Sea Glass Gin from the Deerness Distillery The distillery is based in the Orkney parish of Deerness and the small operation sees the entire process managed by hand, including bottling and labelling. Both Stuart and Adelle are very much ‘hands on’ and have been building up to the launch date over the past year, with intensive trialling and testing.

‘We are excited to see our products on the shelves of Orkney’s retailers and hospitality businesses and we look forward to contributing to Scotland’s drink and tourism economies’ said Stuart.

It’s just the start as far as the couple are concerned. There are also plans to open a small shop and viewing area at the distillery, and it’s hoped the business will help attract visitors to the east mainland of Orkney too.

Into the Wild Vodka from the Deerness Distillery Into the Wild Vodka from the Deerness Distillery The Deerness Distillery joins two other Orkney based gin producers and the established whisky distilleries of Highland Park and Scapa, as well as the award winning Orkney Brewery and Swannay Brewery, highlighting the breadth of products available locally.

Development Manager for Orkney Food and Drink, Edgar Balfour, said ‘The focus over the years has very much been on Orkney’s food producers and renowned products like Orkney beef, lamb and seafood. But now we have seven quality drink producers across the islands, which just goes to show the level of talent, dedication and innovation we have within our food and drink sector’.

‘We wish Stuart and Adelle the best of luck with the Deerness Distillery and we’re all looking forward to seeing the business develop over the coming years’.

Inside the operation at the Deerness Distillery in Orkney Inside the operation at the Deerness Distillery in Orkney

Keep up to date with developments at the Deerness Distillery via the official Facebook page.

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