Conference to focus on local producers

October 16th 2015

Beremeal from the Barony Mill in Birsay Beremeal from the Barony Mill in Birsay Two Orkney Food and Drink members will take centre stage at an international conference being held in the islands next week.

Local producers Highland Park Distillery and the Birsay Heritage Trust, which operates the Barony Mill, will showcase their methods at the Northern Periphery and Arctic Programme Cereals Project.

The meeting will include fifteen visitors from Canada, the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Norway. The Agronomy Institute at Orkney College UHI is part of the project group and will host the event, which gets underway on Thursday, 22nd October.

Bere grown in Orkney through the Orkney College UHI Agronomy Institute has been used to produce whisky by distillers BruichladdichThose taking part will visit the Barony Mill, to see Orkney Beremeal in production, and Highland Park to learn more about the floor malting process at the Distillery. Beremeal grown locally through a project run by the Agronomy Institute has been used to create a new whisky from the Bruichladdich Distillery.

A day-long conference will follow which will include presentations focused on developing new opportunities within the North Atlantic region.

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