The chipolata is King of Christmas in Orkney!

Chipolatas being prepared in Orkney this Christmas Chipolatas being prepared in Orkney this Christmas We all know that Orkney has some of the best butchers anywhere, not to mention the quality of the produce they provide. You can get everything here - from gammon to guinea fowl and fresh turkey to the finest beef.

But Orkney's obsession with the chipolata is keeping our butchers busy this festive period.

Around 160,000 of the mini sausages will be made in total for Orcadian dinner plates by the end of December - that works out at nearly eight for every resident of the islands! It's an incredible total, but our butchers are only too happy to help!

Have a look at this short video produced by looking at the chipolata preparations at some of our brilliant butchers!

Read more from their blog about the build up to Christmas and remember to have a look at our producers page too to find out all about our quality butchers and some of the other products you can buy from Orkney this Christmas.

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