Barony Mill

Orkney's only remaining working mill

Barony Mill Barony Mill Birsay based Barony Mill produces traditional Orcadian beremeal - a type of flour made using an ancient, six-row variety of barley that’s tolerant of the cool temperatures and short growing season in the far north. Unique, tasty and healthy too, beremeal has long been used by home and commercial bakers in Orkney to produce a range of products, but interest in the speciality flour is now increasing beyond the islands.

The present mill, sited close to the ruins of the Earl’s Palace in Birsay, dates from 1873. The technology in use has changed little since then, offering the visitor a fascinating insight into traditional milling techniques. Operated by the Birsay Heritage Trust, the mill is open to the public during the summer with regular tours. Grinding and production takes place over the winter.

Beremeal and oatmeal is available to buy on site.


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