Selkie Seaweed

Seaweed for a holistic, balanced diet

Selkie Seaweed believes in harvesting the very freshest seaweed from the clean, pure waters here on the beautiful islands of Orkney situated off the north coast of Scotland.

Historically, seaweed played an important part in the diet of the Celts, and although this was originally out of necessity, little did they know what a wise and healthful choice they were making. Nowadays, seaweed is making a BIG comeback! Seaweed has always played an integral role in the Japanese diet and rightly so, as there are amazing health benefits to making seaweed part of a holistic diet.

Selkie Seaweed harvests a variety of seaweeds; one of our seaweeds is the delicious Dulse – packed with beautifying minerals and vitamins, this wonderful seaweed can, along with a balanced diet, enhance glowing skin and strong, healthy hair.

Seaweed has been reported to have many benefits including stimulating good digestive health, it may improve heart health and the regulation of hormones as well as much more besides, the list goes on!

Selkie Seaweed can be added to salads, soups and other healthy recipes, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy! We will fully launch this summer so please follow us on Twitter and Instagram on @SelkieSeaweed


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