Baillie's Veg.

Locally Grown Potatoes and Vegetables

Forty years ago Ronnie Baillie took a chance and sowed a load of carrot seed at the family farm in Biggings, Toab, Orkney – not sure what to expect! However, he needn’t have worried as it produced a bumper crop, meaning Ronnie had to see if he could sell them into the local market.

Forty years on he and his son Balfour Baillie now set aside 25 acres of the farm to produce a wide range of early and late varieties of Tatties (Potatoes), Neeps (Turnips), Carrrots, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli and other vegetables.

Sowing starts in March in seed boxes with seedlings transplanted in early May. After this the different varieties are harvested throughout the year, when in prime condition.

Outlets are many and varied but include local Hotels and Restaurants, as well as the Cooperative Supermarkets in Orkney. Both local wholesalers also list Baillie’s Produce so they find their way into many smaller retail outlets and cafes as well.

An enjoyable event is the monthly trip to the Dounby Farmers Market where the Baillie’s get a chance to chat directly to consumers and get feedback “from the horse’s mouth”.


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